My top picks from the Degree Show


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: Cambridge School of Art
Course: BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation
Category: Student Ambassador

26 June 2017

The end of the academic year is coming to a close for most students and, for Cambridge School of Art, this marks the end-of-year Degree Show.

As I move through the show I see a plethora of outstanding work and below is a selection of five that especially caught my eye. 

Alix Odaryuk - BA (Hons) Photography

Deep and tranquil, this photograph aims to capture her own personal experience of mental health. Odaryuk's understanding of mental health disorders really shows as I believe she cleverly depicts the mirage that surrounds this issue. Externally calm but drowning under the weight of life.

Photo of a woman lying on her side mostly submerged in a white liquid

Lorea Eslava Zuasti - BA (Hons) Fine Art

‘Corrupting The Fantasy, You are what you eat, Diamonds are men’s weapon’

I found this work repulsive, however, it truly confronts the prejudice women face. Eslava Zuasti really summarises how women are fed by media to act a certain way. From this, she implies we need to stimulate our minds with different media in order to change the way women are viewed.

The lower half of a woman's face on a screen, smeared with cake crumbs and icing smeared

Jordan Adcock (Director), Alex Bawley (Producer), Isaac Reeder (Director of Photography), Noah Harries (Editor) - BA (Hons) Film and Television Production


Beautifully shot, this film travels through the life of a drum and bass MC called Stormin. The cinematography and colours in this short film were amazing. I especially enjoyed the face Stormin pulls when his mother is talking.

Video still of a man with facial scars and a gold chain next to a woman who is talking

Chloe Sayers – BA (Hons) Illustration

The clear photography collage by Sayers shows that illustration does not always have to be pencil and pen. I especially love the way Sayers conjured up new and interesting thoughts by combining unusual objects.

Sample cover of Kazuo Ichiguro's 'Never Let Me Go', showing coloured pencils sticking out of a cigarette box

Rosie Flynn – BA (Hons) Fashion Design

I just want this jumper! It’s a perfect example of what a fashion student should be creating, things that are going to sell sell sell! I love the colours, cut and style that Flynn incorporates into her collection. Rosie, if you’re reading this, do you have my size? I’m a short 10.

A mannequin wearing a pink jumper and denim dungarees, with a denim jacket over its shoulder



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