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9 June 2022

Below is my essential list of books that I’d recommend to anyone looking to study mechanical engineering.

As an Automotive and Mechanical Engineering student I have found it helpful to have a good collection of books to hand, to not only widen my horizons about mechanical engineering but sometimes all you need is a couple of hints and tips from a book to help solve a problem or find a quick solution.

1. In the top spot is R. A. Higgins’ title “Materials for the Engineering Technician.” This book details all the varied materials that you can use within the engineering industry, their mechanical and chemical properties, the way that they bond together, and different forming and joining practices with each of the materials. During the second trimester of the first year, Materials is the focus and using this book during the Christmas break as a pre-reading exercise, enabled me to have a better understanding of the content once we entered our materials module.

2. Jonathan Wickert’s “An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering” is an amazing starting point for all things mechanical engineering. There is a brief recap on SI units and then it delves into the maths and physics of each principle.

3. K. A. Stroud’s “Engineering Mathematics” is extremely useful throughout all years of the Automotive and Mechanical Engineering degrees, as maths is the fundamental part of engineering. The application of different Mathematical theorems is what enables us as engineers to learn more about what they are designing and making.

4. John Bird’s “Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology” is extremely useful during the second trimester of year one with the design and manufacturing project, as in this trimester you have to learn to code a joystick and a robot to do as you wish for it to do, and also wire up a circuit so that all will work in sync.

5. Mahmoud Massoud’s “Engineering Thermofluids” is a great pre-reading exercise for all first years to be reading to get to grips with the content that they will be covering throughout the second year, Thermofluids being a massive contributor to our grade.

I really hope you find this reading list as helpful and as useful as I did. Enjoy reading!


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