Civil Engineering: my second-year project


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
Category: Engineering

28 June 2018

My second year has been a really great experience. I’ve learnt so much and my favourite module this year has most definitely been, “Design Technology in Civil Engineering”. In this module we were asked to design and build a bridge as a team.

We had the option to choose between plastic straws, wooden stirrers and spaghetti. So, using the knowledge gained from other modules, we decided wooden stirrers would be a better material to work with.

Below you can you can see the bridge starting to come to life:

We came up with this design by mixing other designs together and finalised our dimensions and angles by using our BIM (Building Information Modelling) knowledge on Excel. We also used a specific engineering and structural design software called 'Midas'. We used it to see how much the bridge would deform when forces are acting on the middle joint.

We also had porotypes (see photo below) and from these, we analysed how we could improve the bridge.

At the end, we tested our final bridge and it could hold at least 8 Kg. Which is fantastic and we were all thrilled. Below is a picture we took on the last day of the project:

I really wanted to share this experience as I gained so much from this project and feel that this module has really helped to develop my analytical skills. Moreover, I learnt how to use a new piece of software which will look great on my on my CV.


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