My journey to the starting line

Faculty: Science and Engineering
Category: Sport

28 November 2018

woman lacing up her trainers in the woods

Training for a race is your journey to the starting line. This is how I am preparing myself, mentally and physically, to get to the starting line.

1. Running to another world

I cannot imagine training without the accompaniment of music. Music, essentially, helps me run to a place where I cannot be reached by anyone.

It is a motivational tool when the going gets tough. It is ‘good company’ when the going gets boring, and a pace setter when the going gets too fast or too slow.

My special kit to survive out there, is composed by three essential elements: Apple AirPods, a general running playlist and an adhoc playlist to match different types of training.

2. “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” (Italian for “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body”)

A healthy mind and a healthy body is created by hard work, dedication and willpower. Mind and body needs to be perfectly connected to be harmonised and work together.

The formula to balance my mental and physical health is composed by: a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutritional plan, a weekly training schedule, rest and lazy days and rewards and treatments.

3. Treating myself

Being Italian, I see cooking and eating as an act of kindness to myself and my loved ones. I love preparing my meals in accordance with a nutritional plan, but mostly, I love baking cookies, cakes and chocolate dessert.

This is how I can make sure I eat healthily according to my fitness program. Rather than depriving myself completely from chocolate and any other appealing food indulgences, I reward myself with food that I like.

This helps me meet my weekly target of sticking to a well-balanced diet.

4. Interval workout

Even if interval workouts are really challenging, they are a good way to improve running speed, performance and at the same time, to add fun to your training routine.

To spice up my workout routine, I like to change the route of my interval workouts every week – the park, riverside or on a treadmill. This not only give me the opportunity to train on different surfaces, distances and conditions, but also prevents boredom!

5. Sunday urban trail

To me, a Sunday is not a Sunday if I don’t go for a long run. I love it especially early in the morning when the town is still sleeping and the world is awakening with you.

These special moments give me the opportunity to see Cambridge with different eyes, and to find out its real identity.



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