My field trips

Shahida Ali

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Biology
Course: BSc (Hons) Marine Biology with Biodiversity and Conservation
Category: Animal sciences

8 December 2014

As a final-year student student studying BSc (Hons) Marine Biology with Conservation and Biodiversity, I can safely say that there are some fantastic experiences out there. As part of our course we undertake many field trips.

Some students decided to venture out to the Isle of Rum in Scotland and told me that they thoroughly enjoyed their time there. This year we went to Devon for one week, and that was one of the best field experiences I’ve ever had. With a wide variety of bird, plant and marine life to explore, our time wasn’t short.

One amazing life experience had to be the 12-day trip to Tanzania. Any student who went there will tell you it was worth every penny. We managed to sight all of the ‘big five’, which for me made my day in the Serengeti a whole load better. There were some challenges during the trip such as the waterfall walk, with me needing a helping hand! Seeing Mount Kilimanjaro from a small airlink plane and taking photos had to be one major highlight of the trip. I would happily go back to Eastern Africa!

Studies are not going too badly, with help from our lecturers as to what they expect from us. We can also email essays for them to have a look at and suggest how we could improve the structure.

Meanwhile, I am a member of a student society, the Roots and Shoots Wildlife Conservation Society. Last year we raised £900 for a monkey sanctuary in Spain. This year we are hoping to educate primary school children about the importance of animals. I’d advise all those wishing to put something different on their CV to join a university society.


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