My favourite modules so far on the BA English Literature course


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Course: BA (Hons) English Literature
Category: Student Ambassador

21 August 2017

Here is an insight into what I have studied throughout my degree, and what I have enjoyed the most.

An Introduction to Literary Criticism and Theory 
This is a first year module, and gives a huge overview of many theoretical approaches to literature, such as Feminism, Race Theory, Psychoanalysis, and Queer Theory. There is a lot of reading on this module, but I learned so much. I felt so much more prepared for my degree, and my other first year modules, because of this module. I felt more able to tackle theories and critics, and I was certainly more capable of including them in my essays!

An Introduction to the History of English Literature (both Chaucer to Equiano, and from the present to 1789)
These modules are split over two semesters in the first year, and they give a massive overview of texts throughout history, and not just canonical literature either. We studied a lot of texts I had never heard of, such as the works of Equiano, and realised the importance of looking at lesser known texts. This was really helpful for starting to think further ahead into dissertation territory, as I realised what texts I preferred studying, and put more of my personal reading into that.

Romantic Conflicts
This second year module is based around the Romantic era, and classic poets like Blake, Wordsworth and Shelley, as well as authors like Austen, and lesser known writers like Joanna Baillie. This was a great module, and extremely interesting, as we not only learned about the texts, and the authors, but also the history of the period. Be warned – not for the squeamish!

Victorian Literature and Culture
I may be biased, as this is my favourite era of literature, but this has been my favourite module so far. The texts and history have been interesting, and I learned a lot about Victorian life as well as the authors. I found the secondary reading very vast and fascinating. There is a lot to read for this module, but a challenge keeps things interesting. 

Dialogue and Debate: From More to Milton
This second year module is definitely a difficult one. It involves a lot of thought and complex issues are raised about literature. I like this module because it is a Renaissance module which doesn’t focus on Shakespeare, which can happen a lot at school, and instead we looked at poets like Donne and Spenser, as well as Paradise Lost. The discussion in seminars for this module was fantastic, as people had varied opinions and thoughts, and it was very interesting.



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