My Favourite Module - Web Development

Rhea Sam

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Computing and Information Science
Category: Computing and digital technology

10 August 2018

University academically challenges you no matter what course you do. Some modules may be easy, some hard. At the end of the day we all take something from the entire time we learn at University. My first year was comprised of various modules that were all challenging in their own way. Honestly, while doing them I was thinking about how difficult some of it was but when I look back, it was a challenge I conquered.

If I had to choose one module I thoroughly enjoyed the most I can’t as I enjoyed them all! And every module had its perks and challenges. However, I want to talk about one module that really stood out. The module that has motivated me in what I want to do is Web Development. This module had me gripped from the start simply because it reminded me of my school days, where I was introduced to such a significant topic in the technology world. This module taught me not only the importance of having patience but also how to create a full-fledged website. The entire module was broken down into each step of how to build a website from scratch and I was able to put everything I had learnt into practice and build a website myself. It was remarkable because when the professor showed us examples of websites, in my head I thought “oh no, how do I achieve this?” but lessons were so helpful and informative which helped me bring my website to life. I was really proud of what I had learnt and achieved in that module. 

I had also learnt about patience during the time I was working on this assignment as there were times where all I could feel was frustration. This was because the image in my head was not working out on the screen in front of me. I had expected too much too quickly and had to remember that I was still learning. There were days where I would do everything else but this assignment, in the fear that, all that frustration would make me turn away from loving this work. In the end, I had managed to take a deep breath, start over multiple times, figure out my weak spots and achieve my end goal. I was really content with what I had achieved but there is always room for improvement. This was an assignment; in the future I hope developing websites will come to me at ease.

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