My experience at applicant day


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Psychology
Course: BSc (Hons) Psychology
Category: Psychology

8 February 2018

I went to both an Open Day and an Applicant Day at ARU. The University wasn’t my first choice until after attending both. I’ll tell you why.

The Open Day was really fun and had a lot of information about the uni but I wasn’t sure what my day-to-day life was going to be like in regards to my course.

The Applicant Day, or Made for You Day, helped me in making that decision because I got a realistic view of what I’m going to have to encounter on a normal day. I got information on how the course is going to be assessed, accredited and other important things like what I can take out of this course after I graduate. You also get to meet the lecturers and the other students you would be seeing most days on your course.

During the Made for You Day, after being registered, we had a tour and seminar where we got to use some of the technology that is used by the Psychology Department. We used a lie detector, and tested it out by picking up a card and showing the people in your group whilst either lying or telling the truth. Although lie detectors are not used that way in psychology, it was a very good demonstration so we could interpret the data that was shown. So you learnt something as well which was really nice.

Another thing that was great about the day was the opportunity to ask questions. The staff and students were really supportive, making sure all the questions you have are answered.

So if you’re debating whether you should go to a Made for You Day or not, my advice is definitely do it. It will help you get more in-depth insight into your course, the uni and your future



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