My accommodation experience at ARU


Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) Business Management and Leadership

24 July 2019

The word accommodation does look scary at first, and even more when you are alone in a foreign country, as I was. First thing that came to my mind after receiving the letter of acceptance was “where I am going to live?”

I found out that ARU has an accommodation team who offers rooms in the university’s halls and you can book well in advance, what helped a lot. All it took was to fill in some forms and pay the deposit, and the room was mine. I was surprised to know that when you look for a room, it is possible to let them know who you would like to share the house with. This is to find and put the most compatible people in one space, which in my opinion is brilliant.

People in the share we had were nice and welcoming. To be honest, being in the UK for first time when I had never spoken the language and sharing a house with local people was quite an experience; it was scary, to go out there and speak with them because I didn't want to look silly with the terrible accent I had in the beginning. However, the university had a lot of different events that brought together all the students that are living in uni accommodation, and those who are not too. I have to say, there is not enough good words I could say to the uni for making those events, such as Freshers’ Fair or Global Week, where I truly managed to completely get out of my comfort zone.

The number of friends I made living in there, which will last for life, just this alone is worth the effort. Furthermore, the geographical location of my hall is basically putting all you in a position where anything you may need is less than 15min walk. And the most important aspect of a student, university is literally across the street.

However, after the first year knowing the language, the UK culture and the city, it was looking a lot better to find a private rented accommodation. Fortunately, university’s help did not stop there though, the accommodation team kept advising me. They had stalls to show students different agencies to find accommodation as well as eebsites that are specifically designed to find places for students.


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