How will teaching work in trimester 1 for Music and Audio students?


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Creative Industries
Category: Music and performing arts

9 September 2020

If you're studying on a Music or Audio course at ARU in September, here's how you can prepare for online learning and using on-campus facilities.

How will teaching work for my course in September?

Modules with a large practical aspect will be streamed online by a lecturer presenting or demonstrating, and a lecturer monitoring Microsoft Teams to respond to student interactions and any queries you may have.

These sessions will also be recorded and made available on Canvas to re-watch at a later date.

Some computer-based modules may be delivered only online, so if you have opted for on-campus delivery you will be able to use on-campus facilities to view the streamed lecture/presentation.

Will I be able to access the facilities and equipment I need on campus?

Yes, facilities and equipment will be available on a pre-booked basis, though as you’d expect, some restrictions will apply based on limitations related to COVID-19.

Is there anything I need to prepare or buy for September?

You do not need specialist equipment or software. However, all students will need to have access to a PC, laptop or iPad with Microsoft Teams installed in order to join online sessions. Please see our technical requirements for online learning page for more details, particularly the 'additional technical specifications – creative courses' section.

If you are a vocalist, we also recommend that you purchase a microphone for home usage, ideally a large-diaphragm condenser. See Gear4Music for basic packages/bundles.


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