Ten things they don't tell you about moving back home after uni


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Course: BA (Hons) English Literature
Category: Art and design

31 July 2019

So you spent three years living away from home in a big city, looking after yourself, paying your bills, running a house, doing what you want whenever you want... what happens next?

1. You go from being a semi-adult, to a semi-adult treated like a kid
You go from living independently to being back at home, under your parents’ roof. Your entire schedule gets switched up and you have rules to follow again… But at least you don’t have to do everything on your own any more.

2. You end up giving sooooo much stuff away
When you move out of university accommodation and finish your degree, you end up with loads of stuff you don’t need any longer. Well, it’s a good day for the charity shops! Take all your unwanted stuff to your local charity shop or homeless shelter, and make a difference.

3. No one tells you about the empty void you feel in your soul when you leave
All of a sudden, those sleepless nights and that endless feeling of having things to do just disappear into the nether. And that’s okay. A massive weight has been lifted from your shoulders, and that mountain of stress has just vanished. It’s quite common to feel the post-uni blues, especially if you’re looking for a job when you leave. You’ll be okay – enjoy the freedom!

4. You (hopefully, maybe) don’t have to pay thousands of pounds in rent for a box room anymore. But you still have no money
Hopefully your parents won’t charge you the kind of rent you were paying as a private tenant to stay with them. Extra cash! Oh, wait, you don’t get that loan money any more… Dang it!

5. You can't always do daytime drinking. Who knew?
In the real world, you can’t actually go to the pub every day with your mates without receiving judgement. How crazy is that?

6. You have to get dressed every day in real life
I know it was perfectly acceptable in halls to leave your room in your PJs, and even go outside if the fire alarm went off. But I hate to break it to you, in the real world, you have to put your adult clothes on to leave the house.

7. Did I mention that daytime drinking is actually not socially acceptable? Can you believe this?
Yeah! It’s unbelievable!

8. You know how your parents told you it was going to be hard to get a job...? 
You sort of believed them but you weren’t really that concerned. Except now, you are a bit concerned. You want to find the right job and you know you might spend some time searching for it. But don’t worry, there is an end in sight, and you’ll get there.

9. Remember when you thought 9am lectures were bad? Now you have work…
You probably start even earlier, commute, and it’s like 40 hours a week. 9am lectures were the good old days…

10. You’re actually a successful adult. Good job!
Although leaving uni is a sad time, and your degree years will probably be the best of your life (yep that’s right, you’ve peaked), you've actually done that thing you set out to do. You have a degree! You are successful, and smart, and you’re going to go and do amazing things. Be proud of yourself!



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