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Sophie Spittle

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Nursing and Midwifery
Course: BSc (Hons) Midwifery
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29 July 2013

Wow… I can honestly say I am so relieved July is nearly over! I have just had my last exam, handed in my last piece of work and it feels like such a big achievement!

This year has gone so quickly I have hardly had time to catch a breath, but I’m finally at the end of my first year of midwifery and it has been amazing!

This blog entry I thought I would share a poem with you I found when I was flicking through one of my Midwifery Journals. I signed up for the Royal College of Midwives monthly journal which works out at about £2 a month and it’s SO worth it! There is some ground-breaking research in there and you even get goodies sometimes, and it really helps when you’re trying to find interesting things to read.

Although I must admit I will be taking a cheeky copy of ‘Heat’ and ‘Ok!’ on my holiday along-side my midwifery mags! A girl needs time to catch up on the latest news about the Royal Baby and Peter Andre! (Bit of a baby theme going on there; who knew I was training to be a Midwife?!) And seeing as I am not that great with Twitter etc, I need to get my gossip somehow.

Just thought I would share this with you; I used my first ‘hash tag’ the other day at Race for Life and it was very exciting! #needtogettogripswithhashtagging

Back to the blog…

The poem is named “The Calling” by Maria Rowntree.

Being a candle, the light that offers to guide
Someone who helps her find strength from inside
There may be times when our flame will be dim
But that’s when we look for the glow from within
Every role in life has its up and its downs
Some days bring a smile when others a frown
But never forget what you came here to do
Listening to your heart will help you stay true
Becoming a midwife feels like a gift
I think of this when my soul needs a lift
A dream coming true and it’s worth the struggle
Even when time with work and family I juggle
The goal in the distance is almost in sight
Knowing of all choices, this one was right
My heart belongs to this profession I know
I’m feeling the passion and letting it grow
Being a student and learning the trade
Requires facing fears and becoming brave
Belief in yourself must come from within
Understanding qualities you’re able to bring
The pride in the strength each woman possesses
The love in her face as her child she caresses
The journey she made to destination mother
She did it with support of another

Rowntree, M., (May 2012), Midwives Journal

I found this poem so touching. Not only does it relate to the emotional struggles that we face as student midwives but to the physical challenges too, as well as recognising that becoming a midwife is indeed a gift that we are privileged to be a part of.

The journey we make with mothers from their first appointment booking to the birth of their baby and the day they are discharged from midwifery care is a journey like no other, and we are so honoured to make that journey with them. There is nothing more rewarding than booking a woman at 8 weeks of pregnancy, then going to see her at home 10 months later as a mother with her own little family.

The journey women take to motherhood is similar to the journey we take to become midwives. Challenging, rewarding and we learn so much about ourselves and do things we never thought we would be able to do. We would be nowhere without the support of our mentors, tutors, friends and families and this is similar to the support we provide to women. We are their advocates, their trainers, their supporters and their helpers in times of joy, pain and sorrow.

I think it is important to remind ourselves sometimes that midwifery is a gift, not just a job, but a calling that we have earned and a title we are lucky to have.

Next time I will be talking a bit more about some of the fundraising activities I have been a part of and my plans for the summer (YAY, summer!). Then in the next blog, I will concentrate on the journey I made to midwifery and hope to inspire some new student midwives to take the plunge!


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