Medical Science Q&A


Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
Course: BSc (Hons) Medical Science
Category: Sciences nutritional and pharmaceutical

4 July 2017

Studying a science course is exciting and hard work, with a lot of practical sessions that are really fun. Here's the lowdown on my Medical Science degree.

I’ve just finished my second year studying Medical Science. Especially in first year, there are a lot of practical sessions which are really fun, and you’re able to do lots of advanced practicals which make you feel like a real scientist!

However, there were a couple of things that I would’ve liked to know before I started the course, especially when it came to the practical sessions. Here are some Q&As that I think will be useful for you before you start the course.

What does a Level 2 laboratory mean?

Why do you have to wear lab coats every time you go into the lab even if you're not doing an experiment?
How many lab sessions do you get compared to lectures?
Some modules in my course don't look releant. Why do I have to attend these modules?

Medical Science sounds like a clever course. Do I have to be clever to study it?
Is there a lot of work to do outside the lectures?
What are the facilities like for the science courses?
How closely related is Medical Science to Pharmaceutical Science and Nutritional Science?
Do I need to do anything before I start the course?


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