Start of term experience

Maximilian Mihaldinecz

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Computing and Information Science
Course: BSc (Hons) Computer Science
Category: Computing and digital technology

18 December 2014

I am a January starter so I didn’t really take part in Freshers’ Week this September; for me it would be like opening a year twice. But I did visit pretty much all the events which could help to improve my academic success and employability. And I went to the gym. I am a ‘power geek’.

For me 'start of term' means something like: securing an affordable roof nearby, updating the CV with my summer internship experience and getting the key reading from the library before anyone else does :-P

I was also happy that the module guides and learning materials were available before the teaching period; I was able to see that this will be a much busier semester than I estimated. Well, this meant that I had to turn down a really good part-time job offer in my field – tears all over, but I did not want compromise in studying. There is saying in Hungary: ‘You can’t ride two horses with one bum’. ARU deserves my full attention.


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