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28 November 2014

I had a blog before. It was a photo blog about Iceland, when I spent a year there as a full-time volunteer. Great pictures taken by my little camera, but the blog’s language is a bit too Hungarian for you, probably (shame, as I even translated an Icelandic children’s verse there).

Well, this blog will be a bit different. This will be a ‘logical blog’ (named after the Supertramp song). Why logical? It will be all about getting first+ grades, enhanced employability, tips and tricks, technology, academic representation and some sport. Useful stuff, but why did I pick them?

First+ grades:

I started my course in January 2014 on BSc Computer Science. I thought I’d have to go through ‘pain, misery and endless cries for a merciful death’ in order to get first class grades :-). It turned out that hard work and commitment is enough for that, as my lowest mark was 85%. Thanks, ARU!


So why are we at uni? It’s not the great heating system (okay, I will revise that in January). Is it to learn how to ‘get the job done’? Luckily, ARU gives you access to tons of quality materials, facilities and software (etc). But I don’t often see students fully utilising these, and this might be why:

Tips and tricks :

Student: I don’t have time.
Me: What are you doing with your time?
Student: I have to work.
Me: That’s cool, where are you working?
Student: XXX (something not even remotely close to his studies).
Me: So why are you doing it?
Student: I need the money.

Well, I have this type of conversation quite often. This usually ends with me pointing out that the person would be able live just on the maintenance loans and grants if he would do his budget and set realistic expectations (of course, this is true if you can get student finance and you don’t have any dependants). There are many nice simple tricks, eg buy your food in bulk from a wholesaler. I will try to cover these in much more detail another time.


Ah, my subject. Always changing, always something new to learn. Also, I am on the committee of the Computer Science Society, so this blog will be a great platform to spread the word and point out the opportunities around.

Academic representation:

I am always looking for improvement, and I am sure ARU does the same. I am trying to explore areas where I can be constructively critical. Also, I am nominated as a course representative (the elections are going on at the time when I am writing this), so I will try to give a summary of feedbacks here (too) if I get elected. (QUICK UPDATE: thanks for everyone who voted, I won the election.)

That’s about it for the introduction of my blog, and I promise the next posts will be more practical :-)


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