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5 October 2016

Now that we've put the dulcet tones of Olivia Newton-John in your head with the title of this post (if you're too young or missed the 80s- here's the earworm for your listening pleasure), time to explain what we mean!

Previous #TuesdayTips have extolled the virtues of specific digital tools, such as Slack and Kudos, but all of this means nothing if you don't have the digital literacy to put them to use.

Don't feel ashamed if this is you (recognising the song reference at the beginning of this post has already revealed a bit about your age and potentially your ease of transition into the digital era ;D) - tools and platforms are introduced at an alarming rate, so understanding how to use them all can be a bit daunting. But ARU has just the sort of training you need to bridge this gap! If you're interested in developing your digital literacy, check out the 5 Days of digital literacy (#5DoDL) campaign and course from Anglia Learning and Teaching! Beginning this week and continuing the 1st full week of each month until March, one of the five skills of the Digital Literacy Framework will be explained, and if you're signed up to the course or have joined the conversation on Twitter (#5DoDL) you'll be invited to complete a short task using the skill.

If you complete all five tasks, you can earn a digital literacy badge to add to your LinkedIn profile, and also have better capability when using digital tools! Book your place here and see you online!


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