#TuesdayTip: Learn the nitty-gritty of applying for MSCA IFs

Research and Innovation Development Office

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30 May 2017

MSCA IFs (or more correctly the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships) are a very popular, very prestigious source of funding.

We encourage all our ARU researchers to consider if they could host a fellow for between one and two years. The fellow comes to develop themselves and their academic career in the UK, but the host gets a new collaboration and long-lasting relationship with a high-quality researcher from another country. As we've emphasised a lot in recent months, an international network could be your biggest asset in winning funding in the world of Brexit!

We held a workshop introducing the call in May, and on 1 June we'll hold a second session. We'll cover the detail of the bid in great detail, talking you through the EU's Participant Portal and the complexities of the application template. You'll leave the workshop reassured that the process is manageable and well-supported by RIDO, and with the confidence to find a potential fellow and start tackling the bid.

Sign-up for our workshop by: Tuesday 30 May.

Communicate with RIDO to receive application assistance: Monday 3 July.

Final deadline to inform RIDO of intention to submit: Friday 28 July.


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