#TuesdayTip: learn more about intellectual property rights

Research and Innovation Development Office

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11 April 2017

If your work has potential to make an impact in the real world, several of your options for exploitation eventually requie an understanding of intellectual property rights (IPR).

If you've had industrial partners on bids, you'll know how seriously they think about who has ownership of things like patents and copyrights. And if you've ever thought about licensing out a technology you've invented, you need to understand how to go about putting one in place.

While the world of IPR is confusing and technical, it's not always the right choice to head straight for patent attorneys and their costly services. We suggest you spend some time learning the ins and outs of IPR yourself and work out what's best for you. A good first step may be to check out the European IPR Helpdesk, which provides lots of helpful info on how to get started:

  • training, such as webinars and site visits is available
  • a contactable helpdesk will answer your questions
  • there's an extensive library of publications with guides and case studies to help you through your journey.

The UK Government also provides some advice on IPR, and in RIDO our Business Partnerships Team can help answer your questions. So, good luck learning more about IPR, and good luck getting your work into the real world!


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