#TuesdayTip: Learn how to use Grants.gov

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28 November 2017

We ran a seminar through the Research Funding Observatory recently in which we discussed various ways of accessing international funding.

As you would expect, we spent most time on funding from the United States of America. The US is the richest research nation, and have the biggest pot of money from which to fund international partners (eg from UK institutions). We had some great examples from attendees who had obtained, or applied for, funding from US charities and foundations, but by far the biggest source of money is from federal and governmental sources.

ARU has an account with the US federal funding bodies, and we know we are eligible in some cases as either a lead or a partner. We can search particular funders for opportunities, but the sheer number of funding calls and options makes this a somewhat overwhelming task. However, a revamped service from Grants.gov makes this process a lot simpler. This site acts as a searchable database, refining opportunities and allowing you to register and browse US funding at your leisure. You can filter calls to the level of types of funder (eg all health funders), or even to any of the specific funders. You can also filter by type of funding mechanism, and by some eligibility criteria.

Finally, Grants.gov also allows you to create and save searches, and create alerts, keeping you up-to-date on opportunities of interest so you don't miss a thing.

If US funding is part of your plans for your research, explore Grants.gov right away!


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