Why I found going to an ARU Open Day useful


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Course: BA (Hons) English Literature
Category: Student Blogs

8 May 2018

Choosing a university to go to can be quite an ordeal for some people; I know it was for me. Completing my A levels I was quite a shy, reserved person, and honestly, I wasn’t even sure at this point if university was for me. I was so unsure of myself - never mind what university to go to!

ARU was on my list of potential universities and, being so uncertain about my future, I thought it was best to check it out. I also didn’t know which degree I wanted to apply for at that point. As you can tell, I was completely lost!

I went to an ARU Open Day in the June before I started my course and I was blown away by how friendly everyone was, and how ready to help all the ambassadors were. I instantly felt relieved, and glad that I had come. I felt a bit overwhelmed as the Cambridge campus is much larger than the college campus I attended. But that was okay, because the campus was flooded with people just like me and staff and students helping to direct us around.

English Literature was a degree I was thinking about, so I made sure to attend the talks. I found meeting some of the lecturers, hearing them talk about the course and what it involved really useful. After that I knew it was the course I definitely wanted to do. They provided me with the modules for each of the English Literature courses, as some degrees were joint, such as English Literature and Philosophy, which helped me to solidify my decision.

I went on a tour around the campus accommodation, as this was something I was really scared about. I had no idea what university accommodation would be like! The ambassador who showed me around was so friendly, and lived on campus as well, so could answer all my questions. I found that Peter Taylor House looked like somewhere I could imagine myself living, and I felt much calmer about everything.

I also made sure before I left to check out the local area, and see what shops were close by. With a Tesco Express up the road, I knew it would make my life 10 times easier! I also noticed there was a shopping centre nearby, restaurants, pubs, and parks, so I knew when my family came to visit we’d always have something to do.

I left the Open Day knowing that ARU was the university for me. I made sure to apply straight away. A few months later I accepted my offer as my firm choice, and I’ve never looked back.

Make sure to attend the next Open Day if you want to check out ARU. It could be the best decision you ever make!


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