Joining ARU as an international student

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Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) Business Management
Category: Business

10 July 2017

Joining university can be a scary experience, especially as a non-native English speaker.

Hi, I'm Astrid, I chose to study in Cambridge through an agency I had heard of at my former high school, back in France. I was surprised by how easy the process to study abroad actually was (almost easier than it is to get into some French universities!), as within a couple of months, everything was sorted out.

Applying to ARU with an agency got me to be enrolled through CRIC (now known as ARU College), which aims to help international students in their first year of studying in a foreign language. I had exactly the same classes, in the same facilities as ‘fully enrolled ARU students’, the main difference being that I did twice as many hours as they did! Also, my small class was only formed by foreign students, which really comforted and reassured me regarding my language skills; to attend classes, write essays, and have discussions in a foreign language.

There will always be someone who will be able to help you out, so you can make the best out of your years at ARU
As every student who did not attend any open days before starting my term, my first day (week?) was really confusing! From finding the rooms, to researching books in the library, the staff was really helpful and patient and I truly felt supported throughout my first semester.

It’s okay to start your course without any prior knowledge or experience
I had never had a business class before joining ARU, which was stressing me out. But the lecturers were actually prepared for that, and turns out many students in my class had backgrounds different from business! This was really reassuring, and I always had the opportunity to email my lecturers – maybe a bit too much! – whenever I needed help with anything.

Regarding the experience, I had had very few opportunities to work before I went to university. Again, I talked about this issue with one of my lecturers, who advised me to register at the employment bureau within ARU. It provides students with weekly job opportunities, allowing us to choose work with flexible hours. Along with my involvement in the life of the university, my CV is starting to look much better!


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