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Joe Tye

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BA (Hons) Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management
Category: Business

28 January 2014

Let me introduce myself… My name is Joe Tye and I am an undergraduate student in my first year studying Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management at Anglia Ruskin University. The course is based in the Lord Ashcroft International Business School in Cambridge.

Before starting at Anglia Ruskin, I had a conceptualised idea of what studying at university and living on campus would be like. I wanted to come to a university in Cambridge for inspiration, as I have aspired to run my own business from a young age. I saw Cambridge as a great location to learn and start up a business, with past successes such as Innocent smoothies. So what has happened from September to now?

I would say that Anglia Ruskin University has given me the opportunities and facilities to help my transition into who I want to be. During October, I entered a business competition, ‘The Little Pitch’, which allows students to post a business idea for the chance of recognition. I created a successful social media campaign and won the competition, claiming self-achievement and £140 as my prize!

My course at Anglia Ruskin has allowed me to create a network from meeting and speaking to successful entrepreneurs and business people, as well as my being around course friends who share the same wants and ambitions. During my course I have significantly improved my self-confidence through presenting business ideas to the class and developing business plans. I created an online blog to write about my lessons and business ideas.

As well as the educational side, Anglia Ruskin University hosts many different events to help you socialise with other students! Admittedly, I may have attended too many events involving partying, but university is what you make it and can be anything you want it to be – my biggest regret in the first semester being that I decided not to budget with living expenses. A few pounds can go a long way, so after realising I needed a job, the search began!

Anglia Ruskin has a great team for working with you on your CVs and interview preparation. I decided to contact market stall owners to see if I could help anyone out. I received an offer to help run an artwork stall and also gave advice on how the business could be improved; this was a great learning experience for me about how to sell! It also helped some research for a business idea I may be taking to ‘The Big Pitch’ – something I shall talk about in future posts. After the market stall, I secured a job at Boots, building my customer service and communication skills. This has given me the opportunity to work in real business situations and put theory to practice.

It feels like I have come a long way since September and I am excited to see what 2014 will bring. I am starting a course placement in September and thinking of taking ideas to ‘The Big Pitch’. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

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