Semester 2

Jared Lucas

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Computing and Information Science
Course: BSc (Hons) Audio and Music Technology
Category: Computing and digital technology

5 February 2014

So the bracket randomly fell off my wall and my mirror smashed. I’m not superstitious but I’ve had my fair share of bad luck since (some of which I’m not mentioning on my blog)!

Jared's wall bracket
– I was backing up my files and managed to permanently delete all of my 3rd year work… Who cares? It’s all submitted, right? Then an email comes through on Friday: ‘Hi Jared, your assignment* was lost by the iCentre so I need you to email it to me ASAP so it can be submitted to the external markers by Monday.’

– My hamster died (don’t read this please, Landlord, it was an, erm…metaphorical hamster). R.I.P. Constance Fry, God rest your soul. She was buried in the garden and it was a lovely service. I have since bought two Chinese dwarf hamsters and they’re extremely cute; I do need some name ideas though. Suggestions so far have been: Fluffington and Fluffster, Rambo and Rocky, Pete and Carl, Yin and Yang, and various other Chinese words.

– To top it all off, I got this job offer through the Employment Bureau to be the sound engineer for Kyan (a Cambridge artist, supporting London Grammar on their UK tour). It was the most exciting thing ever, and then I find out that Virgin EMI couldn’t supply the right health and safety documents to the Employment Bureau and I couldn’t have the job, boooooooooo!

*the 45-page research article that included 13 weeks of logged work experience


Jared in UV paint
Everyone (including me) seems to have birthdays at the same time, and my liver/bank balance can’t handle it any more. I had some disco lights, UV lights, UV paint and glow sticks at my party, and then we went out clubbing.

There’s also been a fair few drama-filled, havoc-causing, dirty pint-downing nights out recently on top of the birthdays. Such a bad decision considering Refreshers is round the corner, but hey, the Christmas holiday is really long and I was bored!


I visited my sister in Moscow and it was so fun! I used translator on my phone to befriend a foreigner, buy a SIM card and find my way to the train station from the airport! My sister had me riding the metro on my own while she went to work, and we did so many things and went to so many places I was knackered each night!

Jared in Moscow
Red Square was awesome, the cathedral looked amazing, and the snow was being ploughed up by trucks as fast as it could fall!

One highlight was the massive ice-skating park. In the summer it’s a huge park, in the winter they turn it into an ice rink, with flashing lights under the ice, and loads of different paths and routes you can take. The Russians are much better at skating than the English, I guess in the same way the English are better at darts or football.

I was lucky enough to witness Epiphany. This involves Muscovites breaking a hole in a frozen lake, jumping in the water and dunking their head under three times, to cleanse the soul, in the name of religion. It was  -20oC, I had long johns, fur leggings, two pairs of trousers, thick socks, waterproof boots, four thermal tops and a ski jacket…and I still shivered! I did make the mistake of promising my sister’s friends I would do it next year. Maybe if somebody pays me.

The Russians rarely say please or thank you, the road rage is over-exaggerated, the police are calm and don’t carry AK47s, everybody holds doors open for everybody, and men carry women’s handbags. Everybody wears real fur to keep warm, nobody is a vegetarian, and old ladies still work their asses off. It’s great.

My course

I haven’t had any of my results through yet and I’m feeling a little anxious! The new modules I have this year are:

ILM (independent learning module) I’m using my Dr Who Podcast for this
Final Studio Portfolio 2 I’m using my Cam FM rebrand for this
 Final Project Dissertation as previously mentioned
Analogue and Digital Synthesis Not 100% what this one will be like, predicting it will be the best module though!
Cam FM

The Jared and Keir Show made a comeback this week, and we decided to add some new features.

  • What’s in Keir’s pocket – Keir always has weird things in his pockets, from playing cards to dog biscuits!
  • Chorus Thesaurus – guess the song by listening to the chorus read out using synonyms for each word.
  • Messed Up Sounds – songs and everyday sounds are manipulated, but what are they?
  • Jared vs Keir – the most challenging quiz of the week.
  • Interrogation Time – the weirdest questions to help the listener learn more about our guest.
  • The Urban Dictionary Game – guess the meaning of the urban dictionary term.
Jared in his gown

I just submitted my committee application as Head of Production for the second year running. I’m quite confident, and have had so much fun on the committee, I’d love to do it all again!

We had the last committee meeting and dinner at India House to say farewell to the current team. I expected it to be more emotional; everyone seems pretty happy to be done with their jobs after a stressful year, I think!To top it off, I attended my first formal dinner at Christ’s College. The food was amazing (especially considering it only costs £10), I met some great people, and even managed to leave with a Cambridge University gown! >

Ambitions for the near future:

  • go to poker tournaments
  • start playing tennis weekly
  • work out more often
  • give up smoking
  • apply for graduate schemes
  • buy a mixer with Aspire money.
Hopefully these ambitions will be achievements by the time I next blog!


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