Semester 1 so far…

Jared Lucas

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Computing and Information Science
Course: BSc (Hons) Audio and Music Technology
Category: Computing and digital technology

11 December 2013

It’s now week 8 of semester 1, I’ve been snowed under with Dr Who editing, radio and theatre work, so the coursework hasn’t had as much attention as it maybe should – neither has my sleeping pattern.

My course:

Final studio portfolio
Our course leader specifically asked a friend and me if we would like to engineer and mix a 15-20 piece choir. Neither of us had recorded a choir before and we thought this would look great on the portfolio. Let’s just say it was more ‘atonal zimmer frames in chorus’ than The Gentleman of St John’s – we won’t be submitting it.

“If you have bad musicians, a great engineer can get you an excellent, clear recording of a horrible sound”. (Anonymous sound engineer).

On the upside, the vocalist we recorded for ‘Hot Chip’ and ‘One Day’ was awesome and we have a band coming in tomorrow who are equally awesome. 9am – 9pm session, long day!

Digital performance

Haven’t done much with ChucK so far and I’m starting to get a little worried… We have to use it to create and record a piece of music (for 50% of the grade), while another digital performance software of our choice has to be used for a live performance constituting the other 50%. I’ve chosen ‘Ixi Lang’, which you can see a demo of here:

Final Project

…don’t even…

Live sound engineering

Luckily, Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society (CUMTS) and the ADC Theatre accepted me as a Sound Designer for a Burlesque show. This was a very challenging project, as I had to provide all of the sound equipment myself with a budget of £200 for sound and lighting. The AMT society at Anglia Ruskin was an amazing help, supplying almost all of the equipment I needed, for free! Bit of a nuisance transporting it to Clare College, but I learnt so much from setting up and the show was great (but very naughty…).

I also landed a job at Cambridge Arts Theatre as part of the stage crew. This is a paid position, which essentially has nothing to do with sound, but I’ve managed to network with the sound guys and learn a lot about theatre, plus I really enjoy it there…steelys and reflective jacket, acting like a geezer, love it.

Cam FM

Jared at the Cam FM awards
Jared at the Cam FM awardsCam FM was nominated for 6 awards at the Student Radio Awards (SRAs). We suited up and headed to IndigO2 in London. It was presented by some big names in radio including: Jameela Jamil, Greg James, Scott Mills and Tim Westwood, and there was a DJ set that played into the early hours. Cam FM won 2 gold awards, which is very good going!

The Jared and Keir show has been going brilliantly and we’ve had tonnes of positive feedback – we even had the show filmed by an external production company! Another Cam FM’er plays our clips on his show so I decided to start a new feature, where we play a clip of him playing a clip of our show. He did this back, and now it’s all got very confusing…I call it ‘showception’.

Tune in on Wednesday 5-6 or check out the show by clicking ‘listen again’ here:

Jared as the Head of Production
The committee also decided we should have photos on the website, and my friend Keir dared me to do this for mine (took some convincing):

Dr Who online

One Fine Time Lord, the Dr Who audio podcast is finished. After months of editing and liaison with the director I finally finished it! We had a premiere in ARU and I received a Dr Who Sounds CD signed by David Tenant. Within 24 hours of release there were over 200,000 downloads and over £75,000 raised! You can download it here.

Nights out

I saw Babyshambles at the Junction and it was a mad show.

Jared and his friends at a Halloween party
For Halloween a few friends and I decided to buy out the whole bandage stock of Boots and Superdrug, tea stain them and wrap them around our white long johns and long sleeved tees…and before you know it, we’re mummies.

I’m hoping next time I blog I’ll be nearly finished with all of this coursework, we’ll see…


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