The first year is over!

Jade Day

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Nursing and Midwifery
Course: BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing
Category: Nursing and midwifery

28 April 2015

I cannot believe that I have completed my first year of nursing and am now getting well and truly stuck into my second year.

This year has gone by in a bit of a blur, even though some stages felt like they were taking forever it has actually gone so fast and it’s like I can already feel the third year creeping up on me.

So I thought I’d give you all a little summary of my first year so that any of you reading, waiting to experience this, will know what to expect!

My first three to four months were spent at university getting to grips with my first essay, my first two exams and my first experience of lectures, group work and skills sessions. As March intake students we then had our ‘summer break’ after this first module, though how much of it was actually spent on holiday is questionable as we were preparing for placement and trying to get some things done for our next module before we started our shifts.

Our next module started alongside our placement, so I had to do a group presentation, an essay and an exam all while spending three months doing community district nursing. I feel that I learnt quite a lot during this placement but I was soon to find out that I would prefer my next placement.

After one week off after our placement and exam/essay, I moved onto my next placement. I was placed in an emergency heart attack ward and loved every minute of it. Alongside doing this we had to revise and sit our first drug calculations exam, which I managed to pass, scoring 100%. I’m pleased to say that I managed to achieve an overall 1st for this year so I’m really pleased with my progress and hope to keep this up into my second year.

After finishing my cardiac placement, I had a two-week insight into an STI clinic which was really interesting and very fun. Then I finished off the year with my mental health insight placement in a dementia assessment ward. Out of all my placements, I found this one the most difficult as I felt my training so far had not prepared me for this kind of work – but I definitely learnt a lot while I was there.

So now I’m into my second year and am starting work on a solo 30-minute presentation on health promotion and a resource that I have to make. It’s definitely nice to be back on campus again properly after such a long time away from it and if I work hard, hopefully I’ll keep up my grades and achieve as much as I did in my first year!


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