The Big Pitch

Inez Mihaldinecz

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management
Category: Business

19 March 2015

Getting in to university is a way to change your life, a big chance and a heavy decision. It’s just like a business; you find the field you are interested in, and you invest in yourself to get great knowledge and a promising job as a result. But what happens if you get the result earlier? That’s what The Big Pitch is here for.

Students of Anglia Ruskin enjoy a great opportunity that makes their business ideas come true. You can win £10,000 if you have an innovative thought, and have a clue about who could be your potential clients. Just record it in a one-minute video and spread the word to get votes on your idea on The Big Pitch website.

At least, that’s what I did. I’ve a really busy lifestyle with lots of studying hours, being a Student Rep and going to the gym. I also have to find time to do laundry, cleaning and get the shopping done, and I know that I am not alone. Many people out there, families, busy businessmen and women whose days are fully occupied with projects and travelling 24/7.

How can they write off some tasks from their list, for example the least enjoyable ones, like cleaning and weekly shopping? The solution is a private home cleaning and grocery shopping service, which makes their life easier. I’ve looked up some numbers about how many people are employed in the UK and how many of them live on high incomes, which led to data which helped me target the potential clients of my future business.

I’ve spent two days with that video, as I worked with Adobe Premier and it was new for me. Recording the idea wasn’t that easy as it seemed, I made mistakes, the wind ruined the voice, and then I had to re-record it and synchronise myself, put the effects and music in. It was not perfect at the end, but the message is clear and the numbers speak for themselves.

I’ve see the competition: there are some great ideas about customised jewellery, shirt and bag online shop with young artist’s work on it, an application that helps people with sight difficulties and so much more.

After the first round, if your video reaches high vote numbers or the judges pick your idea, you are entitled for the second round, where you need to prepare a presentation about the business with calculations and a one-year action plan. The judges then decide who wins the prizes; £10K, £5K and £3K.


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