Let’s launch the rocket to jobland!

Inez Mihaldinecz

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management
Category: Business

24 February 2015

A philosophical question; if four birds are sitting on a wire and three of them decide to fly away, how many of them stay behind? The answer is four. You can see the difference between decisions and actions. To make up your mind to get a job can be a good start, but only this is not going to take you very far. So what else is needed to be done by you to get a job? Let’s make a list!

At the Employability Week at Anglia Ruskin, I received a basket of tools and tips to how to get a job- even concrete help from the Employability Service and CV Surgery on campus!

Seek opportunity. Sign up for newsletters on gov.hu and job-seeker websites by giving the keywords of the job you’re looking for, like accounting, human resources, manager, etc. Upload your CV to the CV library and join networks, groups, clubs and societies where you can hear about an upcoming job opportunity.

Do research about the company. Get familiar with the profile of your future employer – is it a small company or a blue chip? What knowledge can you get about the position you’re applying for, what charity groups do they support, can you see the way your career will develop at the company? Create a few questions you may be able to ask at the interview.

Create a CV that makes a difference from the other ones that HR workers have to go through. First your curriculum vitae should contain the keywords and links to the position you are applying for, because most of the time an algorithm chooses your document from the 10,000 other ones by the number of the keywords appearing in the content. Afterwards, the selected ones are read by an HR worker who decides who those few lucky people are who have a chance to have a personal interview or can go to the next tests.

Dress and behave to fit to your wished position. Dress smart casual when you present yourself, and when it’s appropriate do not be afraid of suits, ties and grey skirts – in business life it is essential to create a picture of you as a person who is reliable, trustful and nice to work with. Always think through what you’re going to say, choose your words and use your knowledge from the previous research you did and link to the theme.

Networking. Imagine yourself as a product: you need to sell yourself. Try to spread the information about your knowledge in different ways – events, volunteer work, write articles in a theme that fits to your knowledge or your future work.

Google yourself. What you find is what everybody finds about you. Check the articles you were involved in about sport happenings or comments you left under that ‘crazy cute kitten video’ you found last month. Maybe you should edit them. Don’t forget the pictures. HR workers can appear as members on LinkedIn and also on Facebook, so change your precious party photos to private or ask your mates not to upload the latest photos from the weekend.

At last, trust in yourself, in your personality as a positive, creative and active future-co-worker, who gets the job done well. Good luck!


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