Business School networking event

Inez Mihaldinecz

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management
Category: Business

10 March 2015

When your CV is nicely prepped with all the experiences and volunteering you’ve ever done, you just need to spread the word of your knowledge. Here comes the networking event organised for students by Lord Ashcroft International Business School.

Networking is talking, exchanging, connecting and so much more, but not a place to sell. When you enter a room, you can easily recognise the person who is walking around with their business card and money on their mind. Don’t be that one. Instead, create a nice impression, with the few steps and methods that our enthusiastic guest speaker, Sue, told us about.

Sue… Sue Tonks. Her name is so catchy, just stuck in your head with that brilliant smile. This cheerful lady has a capability to write her name in your brain with a few easy steps which she mentioned for us on the networking event.

The three fundamental principles of networking, and creating an immediate and lasting impression, are know, like and trust. It means you should introduce yourself with a smile, handshake and eye contact, slowly saying your name in the form like, ‘Sue… Sue Tonks’ just to leave some time for your partner to switch their brain to listening mode, as most people pay attention more to their own name. Don’t forget to be enthusiastic, and tell your new friend how nice it is to meet him or her.

After the easy part, a nice chat should be a start, and that can be a tough cookie. But don’t worry, because there are always four things in common between every member of the event: they travel from somewhere, they all know the host somehow, they came to the same type of event – and obviously there’s the weather talk. After these ice breakers, you can move on a little bit, to talk about career, life, plans for the holidays, etc.

Networking is not as hard as it seems, so don’t be afraid to go out and connect.


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