ARU rep conference

Inez Mihaldinecz

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management
Category: Business

11 March 2015

Being a part of the Rep Society as an undergraduate member is so much fun! We just held one of the funniest and most productive meetings of the semester. Representatives came from Cambridge and Essex to share their knowledge.

After the opening scene, everyone left their colourful paint-palm signature on a sheet of paper, and wrote down five things they have done for the community. I’ve put on there facts like I’m collecting feedback for the better student experience as a Course Rep and I’m feeding the neighbour’s cat. Sure appreciated, at least the cat is.

We had some nice cookies and fizzy drinks on the side and a little break for networking. I had a great experience talking with the LGBT+ Rep about the last Students’ Union meeting and the needs of the group that he is representing.

With a fresh mind we started the CV session – how to add Student Representative experience to your portfolio and how to attract your future employers to hire you with those volunteer experiences on your record.

At the end on the session, we had a few staff members who sat on a panel, and allowed us to ask some questions, such as what method do they use to collect feedback from students and to improve the experience.

I’m hoping there will be many more events like that, as we all left that room with nice connections and useful knowledge, which help to improve our work.


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