How to keep calm during exam time


Faculty: Science and Engineering
Course: BOptom (Hons) Optometry
Category: Vision and hearing sciences

19 May 2017

What can you do to boost your exam performance? Here some top tips I've found useful to keep calm during exam time.

Find your most productive hours

Some people may work effectively and efficiently in the morning but some may study better at night. Try to figure out when is your most productive time, if it is morning, then wake up earlier to study and do your assignment in the evening.

Graphic of a clock

Sleep well

Don’t stay up late for revising. It doesn’t help you to get a high score, your memory will be worst when you don’t have enough sleep.

Person writing in notebook

Start your day with a good breakfast

Have a balanced breakfast.

Cup of coffee and plate of food

Stick to your study schedule

Start your revision earlier, don’t be a deadline fighter. Include a time frame in your plan, make them time specific and follow your plan. If you can follow it, you will decrease the time that clearly wasted.

A study schedule

Create a to-do list every day

Identify clearly what needs to be done on that day and try your best to stick to it. If it is possible, plan how you are going to do it.

To-do list on a table

Organise your study space

Annotated image showing a desk with accessories including pens, notepad, storage boxes and an in-tray

Take some snacks with you

Books and snacks on a desk

Organise study groups with friends

Studying with other people gives you a opportunity to figure out what you don’t know/ familiar with and it helps you personalise and interact with material which you cannot do independently.

*Don’t make the group too big, a group of three to four will be perfect

Three students studying

Take regular breaks

It will be counterproductive when you study for many hours without any rest. Take a coffee break or snack break every hour. Let your brain rest.

Clock where some numbers are replaced with food icons

Give yourself a treat after a long day of study

Ice cream

Take a day off

I like to have a day trip before my revision. I get return ticket, if you stay too long, you may not want to leave and go back to your work. A day is definitely enough to refresh your soul and recharge yourself. I find that I will be more productive after refreshing my mind. This method may not suitable for all the students but for me, it definitely helps.

Photo of a train ticket

Some of the photos in Sonija's blog were reproduced from WeHeartIt. These photos are blue study space, study schedule, to-do list, snacks, and clocks by Ellie.


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