How to gain work experience while you're a student

Rhea Sam

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Computing and Information Science
Category: Computing and digital technology

20 August 2019

I am in my final year now and I am so happy with where I am in terms of work experience. ARU has offered me so many opportunities that I am grateful for.

At first, as an international student, the idea of earning money while studying seemed crazy. Part-time jobs were such a foreign concept to me.

If you’re ever worried that you may not be able to balance both during the academic year, then you could consider summer work. But the University is really flexible and sensitive to students' needs, so you really don’t have to worry too much.

So... how have I earned money being a university student?

In my final year, I am so proud to be a student ambassador, a Students' Union (SU) representative, President of Women’s Futsal and more. I even worked during my second year as Student Success Ambassador, and in the summer as Digital Content Assistant (full-time for two months).

As mentioned earlier, ARU offers you so many job opportunities through the Employment Bureau or the Students' Union. You can be:

  1. Digital Student Ambassador: this is where you can blog about your student life at ARU, answer questions related to your course or just anything that prospective students need. You could also have a Facebook/Twitter profile, updating what it’s like to be a student at ARU.
  2. Sports Activator: I have personally not worked this job but I have heard good things about it. Your role entails monitoring sport sessions, working in the campus gym and much more.
  3. Mock patient: this is more of an ad hoc role, but you could work as a mock patient to help our medical students out.
  4. Welcome ambassadors: the Students' Union is run by students of ARU so they have opportunities for students to gain experience, make new friends and upskill in communications. Freshers' Week is such a crucial time for new and old students. Everyone has an opportunity to kick-start the academic year afresh. As ambassadors, you act as a friendly face to new students, welcoming them and helping them settle in. Also, you'll maybe make a few new friends along the way!
  5. Student Success Ambassador: this is helping out with Student Services. You help first-year students and signpost them to any help that they require. It was honestly such a wonderful experience; I got to make some new friends in the team and help out so many students who needed it!
  6. Open Days: these are a brilliant opportunity to showcase what an exciting university we are! It is so much fun, you get to meet lots of new people, not just those coming for the Open Day but also whoever you get to work with. Having a friendly face and talking about your experience helps a lot of people who want to know the kind of university ARU is.
  7. Working at 92: 92 is our very one SU restaurant/bar. You get to gain some customer service skills and make new friends along the way. Plus they serve some sizzling food and drinks... do make sure to check it out on an Open Day or during Freshers' Week.

These are just some of the most roles you could apply for. You'll have fun, gain experience and make new connections!

ARU's Employment Bureau has so many opportunities, whether you’re looking for a placement or experience in a particular field. Make sure to stop at the SU or the Employment Bureau on campus, and build your CV.


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