#TuesdayTip: Horizon 2020 partner searching

Research and Innovation Development Office

Category: Research

12 September 2017

Ever wondered how to find those crucial international partners you need for a big EU bid? You go through the labyrinth of opportunity searching, Research Professional, the Horizon 2020 website, only to realise you need another partner (or two, three, four...).

Well, the European Commission has listened to your worries and come up with a neat web tool to help you out. Logged in or not, you're now able to use the partner-finding tool, accessed by going to the Participant Portal, clicking How to Participate, and then clicking Partner Search.

From there, the world (or at least the EU) is your oyster. Try some keywords to find organisations working in an area, try a programme search to find active partners in a specific type of call, or try a location if you know your partner should be in a certain city.

The tool is also useful for getting up-to-date info on a known or possible partner. Search for a specific organisation and check out which projects they've worked on, which funding schemes they've had success with, and how their EU network looks. As an example, here's ARU!



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