Hello from Jared Lucas, BSc Audio and Music Technology

Jared Lucas

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Computing and Information Science
Course: BSc (Hons) Audio and Music Technology
Category: Computing and digital technology

3 December 2013

Starting semester 1 for a 3rd year Audio and Music Technology student.

Freshers’ week

I’m a better fresher as a 3rd year than I was in 1st or 2nd year! We got suited up for a Hollywood party, bow ties and masking taped glasses for ‘geek chic’ night and basketball vests for an American themed party. Loads of embarrassing photos too, thanks Gables…

My course

Once lectures started I realised how much work I actually have to do! Here are my modules:

Final studio portfolio

I booked the studio straight away and a friend and I cracked on with a cover of Hot Chip‘s ‘How do you do’ using some analogue synths. We’ve got a guy coming down soon to record vocals, he’s a really good singer and was on the X Factor so we’re really excited.

Digital performance

I’m using Mini Audicle/ChucK to programme music. I’m quite nervous about this one because so far my coding experience is from web design and using PureData. Performing live for a grade will certainly be nerve wracking!

Final project

My dissertation is based on the durability of high quality audio. To generalise: younger generations have grown up listening to .mp3 files with heavy compression, a boosted high end and Autotune – heard through iPod earphones. Are these aspects now preferable for this generation over the use of a larger dynamic range, analogue equipment and CDs, cassette tapes, or vinyl? Are people wasting their time and money creating high quality audio for it to fall on ignorant ears? Through a series of listening tests on different age groups, and research into the changes in engineering over the last 50 years, this answer will be deduced.

Live sound engineering

Two classes a week: one for theory and the other for hands-on practice. As part of the module we also have to find our own weekly work experience… I’ve just been accepted as the sound designer on a Burlesque show at the ADC…not sure what to expect with that one!

Cam FM

Just finished rebranding Cam FM. This is Cambridge’s student radio station of which I am the Head of Production. New jingles, stabs, beds, sound effects…it took forever! I’ve also started presenting the creatively named ‘Jared and Keir show’ (Wednesday 5pm‐6pm), and Lunch break (Thursday 12pm). During the Freshers’ Fair Cam FM played out to the hall as well as on air and online. I was in the studio presenting and had to play ‘that singing game’ where you sing along to a song, then the volume is turned down…you keep singing and when the volume comes up you see if you’re still in time. Carly Rae Jepson’s ‘Call Me Maybe’. Not pretty. Later on I went to the fair and interviewed somebody while the presenter in the studio was telling me weird things to slip into conversation through my earpiece.

Dr Who Online

At the start of summer this year I wangled some exclusive access to studio 5 (the 3rd year-only studio) during non-term time. Normally impossible, but this was for a special occasion. I was working as the recording engineer for a charity podcast for Dr Who online. This is the most exciting audio work I’ve ever done, the downloads are going to be huge and it’s getting played on Radio 4 Extra! The only downside is, I’m also editing it, and it is taking forever!

Such a fun start, bring on the rest of 3rd year!


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