Heartwarming stories about education


Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Education and Social Care
Course: BA (Hons) Primary Education Studies
Category: Education

17 December 2018

There are numerous stories told about education, and we all have a funny or sad reflection about our own. Can you think of anyone who has not experienced some kind of education?

Primary school education was in the seventies/eighties for me, so I only remember play time or naughty children - sadly no teachers with gems of wisdom but secondary education in the eighties is memorably unforgettable. A tough ordeal with angry 'shouty' teachers most of the time, so leaving school as fast as possible was priority for me regardless of my grades!

Coming to ARU as a mature student was a novel concept and the chance to repair my educational un-achievements. I wanted to be educated, I wanted to attend and the lecturers wanted to deliver.

They say primary school is the best years of your life, but I need to strongly disagree. Being at university has been the nicest education experience for me. Supporting my children through their primary school experience helped me imagine my lost primary years and they both blossomed in their little village primary school. Of course I joined in as much as possible to enjoy the experience from a parent's perspective.

My daughter enjoyed learning but had a change of teacher during Key Stage 2, when a wonderful male teacher joined with a passion for mathematics. This passion sparked my daughter's maths awakening; which then spilled into home life with maths at the breakfast table, maths in the car and maths on the stairs going up to bed.

This maths passion has blossomed into a fresh new mathematics degree from Exeter and a job offer to be proud of in the bright lights of London.

This one small change in the teaching staff in a small Essex village primary will be forever appreciated and gives me another heartfelt reason to become the best primary teacher I can possibly be.


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