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22 December 2022

As I have just finished my first term as a student nurse at ARU and as I am preparing for my first placement, I have listed some of the resources I have found helpful during my studies in hopes that they may also help any future or current student nurses… Read more…

6 September 2022

Before university, I had never worked in a hospital or health care environment before, so I was unsure about what to expect from my placements. Along the way I saw some things I was expecting and some aspects of nursing I didn’t expect, so here is what I would have told myself before starting: Read more…

6 September 2022

Louise describes what happens in the Skills Lab for nursing. Read more…

14 April 2022

As a Mental Health Nursing student at ARU in Chelmsford we get access to some awesome facilities. A lot of my time is spent in the William Harvey building, the University’s library, and the student’s union, so I thought I’d share my favourite on-campus facilities with you below. Read more…

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