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Anglia Ruskin University student Mina

Faculty:Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care

School:School of Education and Social Care

Course: BA (Hons) Social Policy

Hello, I’m Mina. I am currently a second year student studying Social Policy in Cambridge. I am due to commence third year in September (2017).

I do consider myself to be a mature, goal-orientated and devoted individual, especially when it comes to things I am passionate about like singing, reading, cooking and, oh, social policy.

I take pride in working within the community; volunteering, working with youth and young people, and simply putting a smile on people’s faces. I do enjoy having a good laugh, and having a good sense of humour – because laughter is the best medicine.

I have always been interested in reading people’s blogs, whether it be fashion, music, social blogs - I do find it interesting. I find people who write blogs very passionate, to openly share their opinion on a subject or topic.

I want to have that passion too. I told myself, I am all for the challenges and new experiences during my time at university, so why not blog too! The heart of starting a blog based on my course topic will be a different but hopefully interesting experience, which I do look forward to sharing and giving my opinions of why the matters of current affairs, society/community, politics lie in the hands of understanding the relevance and importance of social policy, which impacts all our lives. I love social policy, and hopefully through my blogs, you’ll love it too!

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28 June 2018

The Advocacy and Group Dynamics module really intrigued me. Not only is it an interesting module but a module which has students reflect on most areas of the health and social care/policy institutions without even knowing it! Read more…

8 March 2018

Being a proactive student means doing things out of your comfort zone, going beyond the ordinary, and really putting yourself out there with every opportunity worthwhile and meaningful to yourself during your time at university. This is all simply through experience! Read more…

8 March 2018

Social policy is a course which opens doors to a wide variety of sectors. This could include career pathways such as third sector (charity) organisations, teacher, housing adviser, social worker, youth worker, probation officer, working for the NHS, or being a community advocate. Read more…

9 January 2018

I would describe Social Policy as a course full of questions, assumptions and general curiosity, but also an interesting academic concept of learning and study. Read more…

29 June 2017

Having studied social policy for two years, I know that it’s a broad course which is not fixed on one topic. There are always new or different ideas and discussions. Read more…

5 May 2017

As this is my first blog I found it difficult thinking about where and how to start. So, I decided to start off with the difference between social policy and social work - and why I think social policy is important. Read more…


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