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Mervyn King

Faculty:Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care

School:School of Nursing and Midwifery

Course: BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing

Hello! My name is Mervyn and I am currently a BSc Hons Mental Health Nursing student (Chelmsford campus.) My course is made up of 50% theory and 50% practice placements and thus most of my time is split between lectures and study at university and practice placements in Acute ward settings or community placements.

The course so far has been extremely busy, exciting and interesting and it’s challenged me in ways I had never expected. It has made me grow in strength of character as well as develop my emotional resilience in more ways than one.

I was worried that I would feel out of place as a mature student, however, people of all ages and backgrounds were also in the same class and as the first semester progressed I started to feel more relaxed. Not for long though, soon late-night essay sessions and the nightmare that is Harvard Referencing left me wishing there were more than 24 hours in a day. This made settling into university life a bit daunting for me to begin with as I needed to start getting used to the multitude of assignments, the academic standard that was expected of me and the realisation that I wasn't so great at taking notes. I found all this was overwhelming, but in a good way. With the support of my colleagues and tutors, I got stuck in and embraced the challenge. I even put myself forward to be a student ambassador. 

It’s exhausting and sometimes distressing, but I wouldn’t do anything else other than Mental Health Nursing.

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