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12 January 2022

I never imagined that I would enjoy studying this much, all thanks to my amazing friends and the outstanding facilities that ARU provides to students - including the SuperLab in Cambridge. Read more…

19 July 2021

For decades the Further Education (FE) sector has been referred to as the ‘Cinderella’ sector due to a deep-rooted snobbery where it is seen as less prestigious than its stepsisters, schools and Higher Education (HE). Read more…

10 May 2021

ARU’s annual Engage learning and teaching conference provides an opportunity for our community to come together and share ideas. This year’s emphasis on diversity and inclusion has the potential to inspire new ambitions and reinvigorate current good practice. Read more…

22 April 2021

The prospect of going out on placement is incredibly exciting but can also be very nerve wracking. So, here’s a little overview of the placement application form, what you need to do to prepare for placement, and some top tips for during this time. Read more…

24 March 2021

Biology was always the subject that resonated most with Emily at school, and for many years her heart was set on becoming a doctor. But would medicine be the right choice for her - or would a brand-new degree, Medical Science, prove to be the perfect fit? Read more…

12 October 2020

GSI Manager Felicity talks about her favourite bit of the GSI Strategy Day, and encouraging the team to bond through creative tasks and the sharing of memories and inspirations Read more…


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