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24 January 2023

As a mature student, making the decision to change career felt like a really big one! I knew I wanted to work in healthcare, but I was so unsure what path I wanted to take. Until one day, whilst looking at career options on the NHS website I stumbled across Operating Department Practitioner. Read more…

11 October 2022

Basic info: Your name: Holly Butler What course did you study ? Early Childhood Studies ( received a First Class with Honours) Part time or full time? Full-time (1 day per week) How long was the duration of your studies? Three years What years did you study from and to… Read more…

6 September 2022

Before university, I had never worked in a hospital or health care environment before, so I was unsure about what to expect from my placements. Along the way I saw some things I was expecting and some aspects of nursing I didn’t expect, so here is what I would have told myself before starting: Read more…

6 September 2022

Louise describes what happens in the Skills Lab for nursing. Read more…

30 August 2022

The skills labs at ARU have been so helpful in giving us students the opportunity to practice essential skills before having to practice in placement. Read more…


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