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Faculty:Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care

School:School of Allied Health

Course: BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science

I’m Amy, a 21-year-old student paramedic studying BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science in Cambridge. I like vanilla lattes, fancy stationery, pizza and ‘meals in mugs’. It has taken me four years to get a place on my course and I’m determined to work hard and do well, both for my patients and myself. I have further dreams of developing on my degree and specialising when I graduate.

In my spare time I do voluntary work with St John Ambulance and want to get involved with more charity work as and when I can. If you ever see me around campus, come and stop for a chat as I enjoy meeting new people (and if you buy me a G&T I’ll be your friend for life!).

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18 November 2015

CCU is the Coronary Care Unit that specialise in the cardiovascular system and the care of patients with cardiac issues… Read more…

18 November 2015

The intensive care unit in the hospital is a nurse lead unit that specialises in intermediate care; most of the patients on IDA (Intermediate Dependency Area) are not intubated and are conscious. There are three bays with six beds and three side rooms for barrier nursing… Read more…

12 November 2015

All of my second year hospital placements were observational only; they involved 5 weeks of being off the road and in different departments in hospital, week beginning 28 September 2015. Read more…

12 November 2015

I really thoroughly enjoyed my week in the Delivery Unit; it’s an area that I was really looking forward to experiencing, as some paramedics are known to find maternity jobs terrifying! Read more…

12 November 2015

NCCU (Neurosciences Critical Care Unit) was one of my favourite parts of this hospital placement. The hospital I was placed in is the region’s Major Trauma Unit; therefore they get lots of interesting and ‘only see once’ cases. Read more…

30 July 2015

Sometimes, things happen. Things you’d never imagine you’d see in your life. This particular shift was one of those. As a student paramedic on the road, you are exposed to so many new and unfamiliar situations and it can be scary. It can put you in situations you couldn’t even begin to imagine. Read more…

30 July 2015

I’m just putting it out there that I am completely gob smacked at how fast this first year has gone. How far we’ve all come in what seems like an incredibly short space of time! From walking into Helmore on our first day and meeting everyone for the first time… Read more…

10 July 2015

Sunday’s shift was a looooong shift. I was here, there and everywhere around the Cambridgeshire area. I had mentioned at the beginning of the day that I would quite like more exposure in certain areas, particularly trauma. Read more…


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