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Faculty:Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care

School:School of Education and Social Care

Course: MA Social Work

Hello! My name is Amy. I have just completed my first year of a two year Masters degree in Social Work. I am a mature student and I live with my partner and my sausage dog – Juno. I love shopping, I attempt yoga each week (but still cannot reach my toes) and enjoy holidays with my friends and family.

I am 28 years old and ten years ago I would have never imagined myself training to become a social worker.

My first degree was in film and television production. However, as with many first time graduates I was not able to gain a job straight away in this field and ended up doing some temporary work in a social work office. This is where my passion for social care grew; after 3 years as a social work assistant I took a short break to work for the BBC. After spending so much money on my first degree I knew I had to try working in the field. Although it was a fantastic experience and one I do not regret, it put into perspective what I wanted from a career and it was at that point I returned to the social care environment and started my application for a Masters in social work.

Starting the course at Anglia Ruskin was 100% the right decision, albeit a big decision, as it meant giving up full-time work and reverting back to student status again. (Loving the student discount again though!)

I hope that in these blogs I can share the passion I have for social care and give a different perspective on what social work means. Hopefully I may be able to encourage others who may have never considered a career in social work (like me ten years ago) to take the leap.

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