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Faculty:Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care

School:School of Education and Social Care

Course: BA (Hons) Education Studies

Hey, I’m Alice. I’m now in my second year of Education Studies at ARU’s Chelmsford campus. I live locally in Broomfield, which is about 30 minutes walking distance to the University. I am aiming to become a teacher either in primary school or possibly a computing teacher in a high school. I’m passionate about both and I’ve volunteered in both primary and secondary schools to help me gain experience in both areas. 

I am part of the Society of Anime, Socialising and Gaming (or SASG as we like to call ourselves) and I can be found hanging out with them on a Monday and Thursday night. I have also been interested in setting up debating society for the education courses, but that’s still a work in progress. Hopefully more information to come about that! 

I’m aiming to get a bit more active and sporty in my second year by going to badminton games at the very least, but that too is a work in progress. I have a fairly creative hand, now that I look back on what I like to do in my free time, which ranges from knitting to playing around on Adobe Photoshop to trying to find new things to try and cook. Though I also enjoy reading a lot, writing on the odd occasion, listening to music and thanks to one of my optional modules at University, I have now developed a little bit of a green thumb!

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18 October 2017

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8 October 2015

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3 September 2015

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28 August 2015

University may seem like a daunting experience and in some ways it is, but being part of a society can make it seem much less so. They can also offer an easier transition into university life as you’ll probably be in the same boat as a couple of other students in a society… Read more…

21 August 2013

Hello, I’m Alice and I have finished my first year of Education Studies at Anglia Ruskin in Chelmsford. I was lucky enough to be able to pass through my first year of the course relatively unscathed and am able to progress into my second year! Read more…


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