A day in the life of an invasive cardiac physiology student


Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
Course: BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science
Category: Allied and public health

7 November 2017

If you always wanted to know what a day on a hospital placement looks like...

Student graphic of heart

7.30am – I start my day with Cath Lab handover which allows us to discuss the cases of the day. We then start setting up pressure bags which allow us to measure invasive blood pressure during procedures.

8.30am – Our first patient is on the table. Today we were doing a coronary angiography on a patient who previously had cardiac bypass surgery to assess how the grafts were. We tend to have a few cases in the morning.

12.30pm – Lunch! I always try and take food with me that will keep me going all day.

1.30pm – The afternoon kicks off with a dual chamber pacemaker implant for a patient who faints due to their rapid heart rate; I’ve really grown in confidence with pacing implants recently.

portrait of hospital staff

2.30pm – Another coronary angioplasty.

4pm – We have a list of patients within the hospital who need angiographies to assess their chest pain. These patients sometimes need stents or balloons.

5.30pm – Time to go home! Every day we clean the lab and restock our equipment for the next day. 

Some of my colleagues are on call tonight so they will have to come back into work overnight if someone in the region is having a heart attack.

Some details have been changed for patient confidentiality.


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