#TuesdayTip: have you heard of the KTN?

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13 December 2016

If you are looking to build a broad network, including businesses and academics from other disciplines, and if you are seeking to use your research in innovsative new ways encouraging new practices and technology, you will have heard of Innovate UK.

You may not have heard of their partner organisation, the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN).

Through the KTN, you can gain regular insights into your field, or other fields; into exciting new work with real-world impact – inventions or adoption of new practices in the field; and you can receive invitations to diverse networking and consortium-building events. The KTN has insights into Innovate UK funding streams, as well as close connections to the Research Councils. KTN experts often have close contacts in high-profile companies, and their combined expertise touches on every discipline.

Upcoming events include a workshop on writing grants for Innovate UK calls (advertised on this blog previously), as well as events around design, agri-tech, healthcare and imaging.

To hear more about the KTN, sign up for their newsletter. At Anglia Ruskn, RIDO has connections to the KTN, so let us know if you want to get in touch!



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