Tips to help you settle fast!

Hannah Parker

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) Tourism Management
Category: Business

15 April 2016

My first blog goes back almost three years to September 2013; I had finished college in May and worked full-time over the summer so coming back into education after earning a wage was tough!

I was driven to Cambridge by my mum and could barely see out of the windows because I thought it was sensible to bring the entire contents of my bedroom from home – I soon realised this was totally unnecessary. If I could do it again I would bring only ONE suitcase of clothes and essential kitchen utensils and toiletries. I would also recommend, if ANYONE offers to buy you food, say yes! If not you will live off instant noodles and pasta all year.

I remember walking into Peter Taylor (PT) Halls not having any idea who I would meet or how my three years would go, I unloaded my things into my room (way too much for a tiny room!) and headed straight to the kitchen. One thing I wish I did was a ‘group’ shop so everyone chips in and cooks different nights of the week, it’s much better value for money and it means you don’t have to cook every night, maybe get to try new foods and is a great way to socialise.

We had a Facebook group for PT which people joined before arriving at uni and everyone arranged a night out on the first night, it was a great chance to meet people on your course or in your kitchen and people with the same interests. The rest of fresher’s was much of the same and a bit of a blur, there was such a mix of people, some chose to go out every night and sleep every day and some chose not to go out but to have film nights and alone time – I was somewhere in between and had a good balance!

The first week of uni was nerve-racking as I was in a new city with no one I had ever met before and I had been to college not sixth form so felt slightly disadvantaged. However, there were others who had been on the same college course and if anything we were more aware – so if you want to come to uni but are unsure because you didn’t go to sixth form don’t worry and just go for it!

My first semester was an introduction to the business side of Tourism Management, we studied Accounting and Economics, two things I have never studied before so it was a challenge but great to gain new knowledge which I have applied throughout my assignments and in day-to-day life.

One final tip, if the uni still runs a minibus to Asda once a week, take the opportunity as the walk with a week’s shopping is killer but the Tesco express opposite uni has essentials and some great reductions in the evening!


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