UBC semi-finalist (Team: Business Freaks ‘in the spotlight’)

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Faculty: Business and Law
Category: Business

5 February 2016

Team ‘Business Freaks’ are one of seven teams through to the 2016 semi-finals of the University Business Challenge (UBC). The ‘Business Freaks’ will be representing Anglia Ruskin University by competing at Sheffield University on Monday 7th March 2016. So we asked them a few questions…

  • How does it feel to be a semi-finalist?
    • Great! This success has increased our team spirit enormously and motivates us for the semi-finals…so excited!
  • What have you gained from the UBC experience so far?
    • It is great to see how fast and easy everybody´s position, talents, opinions and directions becomes clear.

      A great possibility to establish your talents and interests, what is important for your future direction.
  • What tips would you give next years teams?
    • Enjoy your time in the team, have fun and do not focus on negative events.
  • What strategy are you applying to the semi´s?
    • Being excited, joyful and attentive.
  • Good luck ‘Business Freaks’ we wish you well.


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