UBC semi-finalist (Team: AlwaysHungry ‘in the spotlight’)

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Faculty: Business and Law
Category: Business

4 February 2016

We, as a group are extremely proud of being able to get through to the semi-final of the University Business Challenge (UBC), as well as being proud to represent Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in this National competition. Our semi-final will take place on Wednesday 9th March, at Regent’s University, London.

Working as a team we have learnt many different skills that we hope to use during our time at ARU as well as in our careers once we graduate. These skills include team

work, communication, business and analysis skills, and finally mathematical skills.

As well as this we have learnt a new form of respect for each other’s ideas when we were debating about the stock and how to analyse ideals to give us the best chance! Next year’s teams should relate the competition to their personal studies as well as the “real world”.

Any tips for future competitors?

Tips for next year’s teams include making sure you have all members communicating and participating to ensure you are working to an optimal level. If you can – we know we will – try and get support from older teams who can link in and support you and give you advice. Just remember to have fun and treat each other like family.

For the semi’s, we are hoping applying the same strategy from round 1, as it has helped us get this far. We are just going to give our best and use the strengths of one another to dominate and beat the other teams. But saying that, for the semi-finals we are keeping our most precious cards hidden for now, but we can promise that we will not be pulling any punches, and we will win this for all of the LAIBS at ARU.


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