#TuesdayTip: grow your network abroad

Research and Innovation Development Office

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10 January 2017

Recently, we've seen some of the ARU community have success getting funding from abroad. In much the same way that international partners can engage with Research Council grant applications, UK academics can often be partners in bids to other national funders.

In some cases the UK team could receive funding directly, in others a UK team could act as a subcontractor, delivering a specific work package as a service. However, to be invited to work on a project you need to have good connections. So how do you meet potential collaborators, and how can they find you? Here are some of our suggestions.

  1. Go to conferences - sounds obvious, but you're more likely to meet interesting people in similar fields if you put yourself out there.
  2. Create an online presence - if you tweet about your work, if you network through sites like LinkedIn or ResearchGate, and if you communicate through multidisciplinary fora such as The Conversation, your peers will find you.
  3. Sign up to review - if you're peer-reviewing in your field (for funders or for journals), you'll be much more aware of new developments and new players in your area, not to mention the interdisciplinary/cutting-edge news, even before publication.
  4. Tell us what you need! In RIDO we're always looking for new ways to support our academics and grow our research capability. Get in touch if you have ideas for ways to expand academic networks, and keep an eye out for our ideas too!


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