#TuesdayTip: getting your research heard in Parliament

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13 September 2016

How can your research be heard in the UK Parliament? Parliament's Universities Programme is launching a series of events where you can get your questions answered.

These interactive events will cover the following areas, with lots of opportunities for questions:

  • The differences between the UK Parliament and UK Government
  • How the UK Parliament uses research
  • Contacting MPs and members of the House of Lords
  • Working with Select Committees

Whether looking at prison reform, legislating on embryology or scrutinising Government preparedness for unexpected space weather, Parliament needs to hear from the experts. As an academic, you can help ensure that the decisions that affect people’s lives are taken with the best available evidence.

The inaugural event will be held on Friday 23 September 2016 with Newcastle University’s new Policy Academy:

Find out when and where an event will be taking place in your region on the UK Parliament webpages.


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