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28 March 2018

Our colleagues at the United Kingdom Research Office have compiled a set of upcoming deadlines for EU funding calls in Horizon 2020. We hope ARU researchers from all faculties will use those calls highlighted below for inspiration in planning their next bid for funding.

Pillar 1: Excellent Science

  • European Research Council Proof of Concept: 18 April (for current grant-holders)
  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships: 12 September

Pillar 2: Industrial Leadership

  • H2020-INNOSUP-2018-2020: 12 April, 15 May
  • SME instrument phase 1: 23 April, 10 October
  • SME insturment phase 2: 3 May, 5 September, 7 November

Pillar 3: Societal Challenges

  1. Health and Wellbeing: 18 and 24 April, 6 September, 2 October, 14 November
  2. Food Security: none remaining in 2018
  3. Transport: 4 and 24 April,
  4. Energy: 19 April, 4, 6 and 26 September
  5. Climate Action: none remaining in 2018
  6. Societies: none remaining in 2018
  7. Security: 23 August

What to do next:

If you see a call that fits your work, check it out in more detail on the Participant Portal. Colleagues in RIDO can help you use the Portal and understand what you'll need to achieve before you can put in a strong bid. If there are no calls in your area in 2018, don't despair, more should some along in 2019, many deadlines for which are already known. Try searching for the relevant Work Programme part to get an idea of what's coming in 2019, and start talking to your networks now!

Do remember to also check out the excellent resources on the UKRO page, including updates on Brexit and factsheets on all the EU funding options.


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