#TuesdayTip: further functions in Research Professional 2

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31 January 2017

Last week we talked about the Research Professional function 'Expression of Interest', allowing you to alert the RIDO team to calls of interest to you. This week I'll go into using Research Professional's Calendar feature.

Log in to RP as normal, then carry out a search. If you're unfamiliar with searching in Research Professional*, several pre-existing searches are available for you to try if you click the "Anglia Ruskin University" button near the log-in button at the top of the page - I'll go into the functions of this page in more detail in another post. You'll generate a page of results: funding calls with their deadlines, sortable how you like, with different numbers per page.

Let's say you've made a detailed search producing a short list of calls to which you'd really like to apply. You now need to research these, talk to colleagues, talk to RIDO, prepare your bids, etc. Crucially, you need to remember the deadline - hard to do with all the other deadlines in your diaries! Well RP has a solution for this: select the tick-boxes of the calls you want, then click the drop-down next to "Bookmark". There are a few options, but the important one here is "Calendar".

You'll see a fairly typical calendar after clicking through... but wait! Not only can you download this calendar and save the appointments in your own, but you can "Subscribe" to the calendar and have RP update the appointments for you (eg if deadlines change). To make sure you conform to RIDO's 5-day rule, you can add in a buffer to the deadlines ("show opportunities X days before deadline"), and you can easily update it, if it's been a while since you last carried out the search.

Try it out! We think it will really help plan your grant-writing strategy for at least a few months ahead.

* By the way, RIDO colleagues are happy to help you learn how to use Research Professional if you haven't experienced its search facility yet!


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